Thursday, April 1, 2010

8th report

8th report

26 March 2010

Tropical Crunchy Tacos

Main Ingredient...
Kikkoman Sauce ½ cup
Lime Juice ½ cup
Yellow Onion (sliced) 4nos
Bell Pepper (sliced) 4nos
Salt A pinch
Black Pepper A pinch
Iceberg Lettuce 200gm
Tomatoes (diced) 4nos
Sour Cream 1 tub
Cheddar Cheese 2 cup
Tortilla Bread
Cooking Oil
Tropical Exotic Patties (sliced)

First sauté onion with some oil, lime juice, salt, black pepper and Kikkoman sauce and place aside. Do the same thing for the bell pepper too. Once done, place tortilla on a tray, apply sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and follow by tomato, Tropical combo patties, onion, bell pepper and cheese again. Toasts the tortilla both side while flatten the tortilla softly. Make sure the cheese hold the filling before flipping the tortilla. Let it toast until both side is cook. Then cut to small pieces and serve when it is hot.

Today progress:

First we saute the onion and bell pepper with some kikkoman sauce and lime juice. Then we prepare all the misen plus we need for today.
After that we defrost the frozen patties, in the mean while fry them until golden brown and then place them on kitchen towel to drain off the oil.

These is the steps of making a tacos

Adding mayo and chili sauce is optional, well but we suggest not to add mayo because it will cause the taste of patties to lost.

Finally we heat up the pan and then grease the pan preventing the tortilla to stick on the pan. (Note: Do not add to much oil while you toast the tortilla or else it will turn out to crispy) Lastly toast the tortilla both side making sure the cheese melt, so that it will hold the taco.

Well we are reaching to our final already so is time for us to bukle up ourself. These will be our product for our food innovation. So far we had gone a long way, so much of adjustment we had made. These will be it, just can't wait for that day to come...

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