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Exhibition day was on Wednesday. 14th of April 2010.We reached UniRazak at 8am. Then, we started cooking and preparing our product as soon as possible. The kitchen was filled with students walking in and out delivering their products to the Student Lounge as soon as their porduct done cooking. We was also asked to decorate our booth at Student Lounge. Aisha got the job to stay guard the booth. Aien got the job to help delivering our product and Eric got the job to prepare the product at the kitchen. By 1030am, Aien and Aisha were at the booth until the event ended. At 11am, judges came from booth to booth tasting and evaluating our product. We had to explain what is our product and details about our product. Later that day, they announced the winner. Our group with our product, Tropical Exotic Patties, won 2nd place. We are very grateful with our success. And here, we would like to take this apportunity to thank our lecturer, Miss Nina Marlini for her support and guidance all this while. We would also like to thank the judges and friends who came and gave good evaluation to our group. Lastly, thanks to all our classmates, Food Innovation and Design, section 7 for their support and making our class lively and cheerful. Its a life time experinced. Thank You

Standing proudly at our booth with the next group.

Judges tasting our product.

Judges giving marks to our product.

Judges asking questing about our product.

Aien and Aisha at the booth.

Promoting our product. TTOPICAL EXOTIC PATTIES (TEP).

With Miss Nini Marlini. Our beloved Lecturer. Thank you so much miss.

(Final Report)
Lecturer: Miss Nina Marlini BT Idris
Section 7





Everything is created by god, and all of this creation is so wonderful. We are very thankful for the things god had done.
Next, person we are so thankful is our loving parents. They are the one who care for us and what most important is they are the one who grow us up and to become a successful person.
Furthermore, we are pleased and appreciated for our lecturer, chef Nina for her teaching and also her guidance has bring us new fruits. She has given us hope by training us and also she was an understanding person.
Lastly, we would like to thank all our friends and our entire group member. We wouldn’t achieve if there wasn’t support from them. There were hard times and also happy time, which well be kept in our memory. But most important is that the help and team work as a team can lighten the job or task that be given. All I can say is thanks to the entire person who had helped us out, making us achieving our goal.





These report based on what we have learned throughout these Food Innovation and Design subject. We had gone thru and also gain even further knowledge. So for that we would like to share what we had learned and the steps of our product will be shown in these report.
Well basically we name our product as Tropical Exotic Patties, because the ingredient we used. The ingredient of these patties we made is by using meat and poultry and then filled with filling inside the patties. We name it tropical is because, we uses mango as its filling. Then the name exotic is because our patties has it unique taste well when you bite from the outside is crunchy, and slowly chewing it, the taste of juicy and sweetness appear together with the taste of the spiciness of bird eye chili.
There will be guide and method shown in these report and also the operation of the event will be shown as well together with the pictures we had snap through the subject.


Our main objective of the whole progress of the report, is to share what we had learn and further more we want to give our motivation to the further generation. The task which has been given to us was actually quite a challenge, but with the teamwork of the team. We get to act accordingly, getting the task complete and fulfilling it without stress. So as you can see that our objective doesn’t just focus at one point. To get the product complete each of us had to sacrifice our strength and taught. We just want to tell you people out there, that you guys should be able to do things easily. If you guys has will to do, and also teamwork is most important.


During the kitchen class, we had gone through some activities which are making angel cake where we will get a list of task that we need to do. The task is to do a little more stroke, as you can see task 1a is to add extra 20 strokes. As for 1b is to add extra 50 strokes and lastly 1c is to add extra 80 strokes. First of all these is the basic standard recipe and methods which had been given to us. Then we will do some experimenting on the product. By the end of task we will get to verify the finishing product and lastly learn about it.
Our second task is to make a gluten ball, we had been given 3 different flour which are; all purpose flour, pastry flour and bread flour. Our main task is to differentiate which flour contains more gluten. It was a interesting part because we will need to wash the dough with running water until the water run clear. The product later will turn into a large ball and then we will do some evaluation on it.
The next activity we did was making a fruit leather, these experiment is by using strawberry and combining with sugar or either with honey. We were given strawberry for these task and it was simple just using the food processor and then lastly baking it until dry. In the end of the activity we learn that strawberry consist of less water and then these will make the fruit leather to dry faster then other fruit.

After all these few weeks that has pass, we have send our proposal and then we came out with our first product try. Which was fruity crunch, these is a nugget which uses oatmeal and then combine with some dry fruit. It was a totally disaster cause the product keep falling of and it didn’t hold together. That week was a totally or bad day I guess.
Then the next week we came out with another plan, but this time, we had change our ingredient and it was improving and improving. We also made much adjustment and in the Tropical Exotics Patties created it history.

Organization Chart

Miss Nina Marlini BT Idris (Our Lecturer)

Aien (leader)

Aisha (Assistant)

Eric (Helper)

Task Implementation
Before event day:
The day before the event was where we get to experience working live. We did our early order and then we made some calculation on the quantity of the ingredient. Then once the ingredient arrived, we start to prepare mise-en plus. Cutting, blanching, marinating and then cooking. We had our task distributed so that the job will be faster and lighter. Everything run smoothly as usual, but the only problem we had faced is the meat ingredient. We hadn’t enough of meat ingredient for the 200pax. So we had informed our chef and then luckily we get to solve that problem on that day.

During event day:
A fine morning and we reach Unirazak early and then we start with our preparation for the event. Our patties are already half cook, which we had kept it frozen. All we got to do is to take out the patties and then defrost it before frying. But we encounter one big problem, because we had insufficient time for preparation. We tried our luck by frying the patties and then continue on our cooking and setting. Finally we manage to control our process, but sadly we did get what we wanted. We was hopping for a crunchy patties, but just because of the short defrosting time. We were force to push ourselves and trying our luck.

The event started from 10 am where the VIP guest had shown up and at 10:30 am, where the event start with the food testing and then the guest start to enter. We had set to person to take care of the front line and one person to do the stand by. We had planned early for this event, and making sure the flow of our food doesn’t end so fast. We keep our cooking going on and in the front line, where the food is been served.

After the event:
After the event, the winner had been announced and we manage to get second place. Later that, we went back to the kitchen and do some clearing, before going for the meeting. That time, were we can eat and taste the product of each other group. After clearing we went back to student lounge and then speeches been given and then the certificate session. Lastly the event ends and the time for ourselves to get some rest.

So far the problem we had faced was during the first day of our first test on our product which turns out to be a total failure.
The problem we faced was during the preparation before the event because of missed calculation on the ingredient that had makes us stress out.
During the event we faced a problem during the preparation time, because we hadn’t enough of time to prepare and then we need to set up as well. That make our defrost time got sustained.
So far we did not give up so fast; we had it going as working as a team. We give our moral to each other and supporting each other. That’s why we did not want to stop here and our enthusiasm keeps us going. That’s make us to achieve our goal.

The food innovation was fun and it was a great experience we had encounter. Well there is nothing much we can recommend about because; every idea that is given by different group has their specialty. So we just explore the new taste and getting discovered at the amazing food in this world. Though every group has only focus their idea on food and if only there were beverages and dessert would make the event more better I guess.

In the end we experience hard work which will bring us beneficial benefits. Hard work will only lead us to success but not only hard work is needed, well you need to dedicate yourself with your teammate to work things up and also to fully work and discuss is needed. After this class and the event had been passed. We had come upon a new knowledge. We had gain a few new step and ideas, but that doesn’t mean we are perfect now. So that’s why we still got our long way to go, we first need to set our goal. Next is to achieve it.

Person helped out:




Idea generated:

• Korean Cuisine.
• Mexican Cuisine.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

8th report

8th report

26 March 2010

Tropical Crunchy Tacos

Main Ingredient...
Kikkoman Sauce ½ cup
Lime Juice ½ cup
Yellow Onion (sliced) 4nos
Bell Pepper (sliced) 4nos
Salt A pinch
Black Pepper A pinch
Iceberg Lettuce 200gm
Tomatoes (diced) 4nos
Sour Cream 1 tub
Cheddar Cheese 2 cup
Tortilla Bread
Cooking Oil
Tropical Exotic Patties (sliced)

First sauté onion with some oil, lime juice, salt, black pepper and Kikkoman sauce and place aside. Do the same thing for the bell pepper too. Once done, place tortilla on a tray, apply sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and follow by tomato, Tropical combo patties, onion, bell pepper and cheese again. Toasts the tortilla both side while flatten the tortilla softly. Make sure the cheese hold the filling before flipping the tortilla. Let it toast until both side is cook. Then cut to small pieces and serve when it is hot.

Today progress:

First we saute the onion and bell pepper with some kikkoman sauce and lime juice. Then we prepare all the misen plus we need for today.
After that we defrost the frozen patties, in the mean while fry them until golden brown and then place them on kitchen towel to drain off the oil.

These is the steps of making a tacos

Adding mayo and chili sauce is optional, well but we suggest not to add mayo because it will cause the taste of patties to lost.

Finally we heat up the pan and then grease the pan preventing the tortilla to stick on the pan. (Note: Do not add to much oil while you toast the tortilla or else it will turn out to crispy) Lastly toast the tortilla both side making sure the cheese melt, so that it will hold the taco.

Well we are reaching to our final already so is time for us to bukle up ourself. These will be our product for our food innovation. So far we had gone a long way, so much of adjustment we had made. These will be it, just can't wait for that day to come...